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Audio Podcast Package

Our Audio Package includes:

6-month contract

Every month includes:

4 x Podcast Recording (25 min each)

Recorded on the same day

4 x Recording & Editing


$ 950 per month

Video Podcast Package

Our Video Package includes:

6-month contract

Every month includes:

4 x Podcast Filming & Recording (20 min each)

Recorded and filmed on the same day

4 x Recording & Editing


$1,800 per month

Podcast Editing

Podcast Edit only (Max 40 mins)


$125 per podcast

Video Podcast

1 x Podcast Filming & Recording (Max 40 mins)

1 x Editing & Upload

$850 per podcast

South Africans Abroad

We talk to South Africans who have left South Africa for greener pastures—investigating the good and the bad and, most importantly, why they left. We ask the questions like; How they got their Visa and whether it was worth it, always adding some lekker stories in between.

Woman of Watermark

“Just WOW! – The Women of Watermark!” We are sharing business insights, have great guests and are generally just talking business.

We Grow California

We Grow California talks to people in the water industry to get the latest news and issues faced in California.

Rail Pass

On Rail Pass, We discuss the day-to-day runnings at the Southern California Railway Museum, chatting with volunteers and exciting people. We share event information and talk to the people and vendors at the events.

community heroes of hope

Introducing “Rotary Community Heroes of Hope” – a podcast dedicated to showcasing the profound impact of Rotary in District 5330 and beyond. Join us as we explore the remarkable stories of rotary heroes and initiatives that are transforming communities and creating hope around the world.

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